Mushrooms Mariniere a la Creme (Vegan, LowGL)


Now I have put this as part of my Mother’s Day trio for really a personal reason but we are sure you mum will love them too! Basically my mum is not a vegan, she does not eat meat, eats a small amount of dairy and on occasions when she easts out she will eat seafood or fish and one over her favourites are muscles, well at least they used to be.

A week or so ago she went out to eat with my bother’s wife and had muscles for the first time in at least a year and she told me that they say heavily on her and then asked if I thought I could do a vegan version of them because she loves them but not how they make her feel.

That set me a bit of a challenge although I have to say it was not that hard. Muscles have a very chewy texture and I thought that button mushrooms would be the perfect option for this dish because they also help to give it a similar look.

Once you have the mushrooms then you can pretty much make the sauce as you would if you were making it for fish just makings sure that you get vegan versions of all of the main ingredients. The best thing about this dish it it can be made very quickly and so means you do not have to be slaving for hours on your mum’s special day.

Moules Mariniere is traditionally served with bread to dip into the sauce and so to go with this I Made Crusty Spelt Rolls which went perfectly and if you have just 1 roll then the whole meal is very low calorie.

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