Kidney Bean Chilli Dip


I am still on my quest to find alternatives to hummus and so am experimenting with lots of different types of beans in dips and flavours that might work with them. This one took a little while to think about but I was thinking of the spicy chilli that you can get and then how I could put it into a dip.

Now kidney beans are one of the most popular additions to a chilli and work so well with spices like cumin and paprika which add an amazing flavour to this dip. I debated roasting peppers and onions to go in this dip, which is something I might try at a later date but I wanted this to be as easy to make as a regular hummus and I think I have managed to get that.

Dibs like this one are a great snack to have on hand as they tend to be high in minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre as well as giving you a great dose of healthy protein for not that many calories. Beans are one of those superfood that you should try and eat every day, either beans or lentils and this dip is a great way to get a dose of beans that is tasty and so easy to eat, just don’t eat too much!

The dip is pictured with some excellent Seeded Chickpea Crispbread which goes really well with it. I think it would also work brilliantly with sweet peppers dipped in it to get a proper chilli taste combination.

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