Weekly Roundup 21/02/14


  • I might as well start this week with a recipe from one of my favourite blogs. Pictured above it is Chocolate Pudding Cake with Berry and Coconut Topping from Divine Healthy Food. If you have not come across this blog before then I can really recommend it. All the recipes look amazing and are really well thought out.
  • This week has been one where I have been learning lots of things. This is largely down to the fact that I am going vegan and so need to find alternatives to dairy and eggs. Some of the really useful posts that I have come across are:
    • Guide to Egg Substitution by Fork and Beans. This is really useful if you are learning how to cook without eggs
    • Basic Cashew Sour Cream by Simple Veganista. A quick and easy way to make vegan sour cream. A great option for those giving up dairy.
    • How to Make Thick Almond Milk by One Ingredient Chef. This covers some interesting principals to making milk and gives you the option of making cream and gives excellent advice
    • How to Towel Press Tofu for Marinating by Olives for Dinner. This compares 2 different ways to press tofu for marinating and to be honest something I never realised was necessary and I can’t wait to try it!
  • I hope that you all had a chance to read my interview with veggeo.com owner Peter Watkins. It is really interesting and informative and something I enjoyed doing and will hopefully get a lot more guests like this over time.
  • I loved this different love story from Healthy Happy Life about the adoption of 2 cats. As a cat owner and lover myself it really is one to make you smile and as a hater of valentine’s day a real difference from all the other mush you get to read!
  • I can’t really let this week go without mentioning the football and my first love Arsenal. They have sort of dominated this week, especially with the stress of playing Bayern Munich. I don’t bring it up much but it is my major hobby and the one I would never give up.
  • Rawsome Vegan Baking Review from Fragrant Vanilla Cake. I love this site and with a review this great it made me rush straight to Amazon to get this book and hopefully I will enjoy it too.
  • I mentioned earlier about learning vegan things, well as part of that I made a batch of vegan crepes yesterday, it is for something else that I am doing and getting them to stay together was really difficult at first but I got there in the end. I guess it is just practise.

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