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I am always looking for excellent vegan treats and when Vegan Cuts contacted me and said they would like me to review their snack box, I thought why not. I am really glad that I did, there are loads of great treats in it and I like it so much I am just going online to order my next one.

The first thing you will want to know is what is in it? Well below I have put a list of all the things received this month:

1. Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Cheese Kettle Chips
2. the Daily Crave Veggie Chips
3. Vegan Smart All-In-One Nutritional Shake – Vanilla Flavour
4. Nakd Berry Delight Bar
5. Hail Merry Strawberry Macaroons (eaten almost immediately!)
6. Equal Exchange Chocolates – Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate
7. Two Degrees Cherry Almond Food Bar
8. Runa Cinnamon-Lemongrass Guayusa Tea
8. Runa Mint Guayusa Tea
9. Sjaaks Hearts of Cherry

So I suppose what did I think of the box and I thought about looking at it in terms of value for money, quality, variety and overall opinion so here goes:

1. Value for Money –  This is not that easy to do when many of the things are not available in the UK so I was making an estimation of the cost of each of the items. When I worked it our I got about £15 worth of goods and the box costs $19.95 which is about £12 so the value is not bad. The only thing that would restrict this is that the postage was an extra $15 or £9 so this would take the monthly cost to £21. This is a little bit of a bump on the products but considering there is no other way to get many of these products it is not that bad, plus if I could buy the product contained online I would have to pay postage for them too. All in all I would give the box 8 out or 10 for value for money.

2. Quality of Box – I loved the fact that so many of the products we organic and/or fair trade. They all used natural ingredients, were high quality and products I would definitely get again. The only criticism I do have is that I got 2 bags of chips (or crisps as they are called in the UK) which is ok as I love crisps but I tend to stay away from them because they are high in fat and offer no real nutritional benefit. Other than that I loved the box and so would give it 9 out of 10 for quality.

3.  Variety of Products – Obviously having only received 1 box I am only considering the variety of products within the box and for this I have so say it really hits the spot. In terms of snacks I now have loads of choice from sweets to chocolate to chips plus tea and nutritional drinks. I can happily give this box a 10 out of 10 for variety.

4. Overall Opinion – I have covered most of my positive and negative points in the previous points but to sum up I would say this is an excellent product containing a good range of high quality snacks that are sure to keep you going over the next month. I think that it would be great to have the option to rate snacks on the website so we can say if we like something or not, to prevent anyone getting something they didn’t like again. I think it would also be nice to have the option of selecting different sizes of box so that you can get more as I am not sure this will last me a month! Overall it was a great box and well worth a 9 out of 10 and a definite recommendation.

Note: The opinions in the article are all my own and other than receiving a free box I did not get anything else for this review. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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