Penne with Spinach & Tomato Sauce


February 18, 2014 in Mains

This is one of my favourite meals and it is so simple to make. It is one of those meals that you can throw together after a hard days work and not get stressed out about it. That is of course if you don’t want to photograph it!

I have been so hectic today I did not think this post was going to get written, I am trying to learn how to use some new design software and it had taken over my whole afternoon, fortunately I reached the limit of what I could do today, apart from tinkering the work I had to do is virtually there.

I am in a really weird mood today though, I think it is due to the fact I was having strange dreams last night involving my ex dating my brother wife and no one really wanting to speak to me. I can’t remember it that clearly I just know that when I woke up this morning I wanted to go back to sleep to finish the story which always makes the day a bit slower.

Anyway, enough of chatting about my random dreams and back to the recipe. When I ate dairy I probably would have had a good handful of cheese on top of this pasta but I have to say I did not miss it and still loved this pasta, give it a go I am sure you will love it too.

Penne with Spinach & Tomato Sauce

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