Easter Lemon Soup with Crispy Seitan


I saw a recipe the other day for a Greek Lemon soup which apparently is a traditional easter dish in Greece. When I read the recipe I noticed that it was thickened with egg yolks which, having given up eggs recently, was not an option. This led me to start thinking of the best way to make this vegan, how I could get it thick, smooth and a lovely lemon flavour.

I am not normally big headed about my recipes but I have to say that this was a major success and went down very well with my mum. It is one of the nicest soup recipes that I have made and although it might be early would make the perfect first course for an easter meal. I was going to save this until after shrove Tuesday for which I have a lot of recipes coming but I just could not resist.

One of the most surprising thing about this soup is it s easy and very quick, perfect for when you have had a busy day and just want to throw something together. I have put the recipe down as using seitan but I actually used Granovita’s Mock Duck which is essentially flavoured seitan and very yummy.

Easter Lemon Soup with Crispy Seitan

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