Coconut Milk Pancakes With Pineapple & Lime Syrup


As part of my Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras / Pancake Day recipe series I thought it would be a good idea to do some breakfast pancakes. Although I have to say these are so sweet that they would make a great dessert too, or just when you want something sweet.

I have mage them so they are gluten free (providing you get gluten free oats) and I based them on a basic buttermilk recipe to keep them light and fluffy and just really yummy. I quite often taste test my food on my mum and I can tell if she likes it or not, even if she says nothing and these went down a treat. I always knew they would because she has an attitude of the sweeter the better and these definitely hit the spot on that front.

I have also been working on my photography quite a lot. I think it is not bad for someone who only started trying to take pictures at the start of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I know it has a long way to go and I need to get a decent backdrop, and learn more about how to put the images together but I am really happy with how things are coming along and I actually like some of the shots I am producing now.

Coconut Milk Pancakes with Pineapple & Lime Syrup

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