Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding


February 10, 2014 in Sweet

I have mentioned Chia seed puddings quite a lot recently and these are the ones that went down really well with the in laws. Chia seed pudding has been a bit of a revelation for me as up until very recently it is something I had not come across but getting all thee blog emails it has opened my eyes to them. I had seen so many different recipes, mainly with fruit and I thought it would be really yummy to make them with chocolate. The best thing about a Chia seed pudding is it is quick and easy and something you can just knock up and impress your visitors!

I was making a batch of these on Sunday and had a great idea for truffles which needed dark chocolate and I had some Cocoa nibs except I mis-read the label and thought I have Cocao nibs, the latter melt, the ones I have don’t. So anyway after desperately trying to get them to melt I gave up but thought it was a shame to waste them and put them in the blender with a little bit more liquid. After a couple of house in the fridge they did set and so I made a few truffles out of them. They were very, very bitter and did not look great either so will need to remake the recipe with proper chocolate. I am not sure about eating them but have thought I might try mixing what is left with some hazelnuts and a bit more coconut milk drink to get a chocolate spread, and add more sweetness. As my mum says, you have to try these things otherwise you will never know if they work or not! Any way on with the recipe:

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

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