Chocolate and Tahini Pancake Cake


February 28, 2014 in Sweet

This is yet another pancake recipe, yes I know and another pancake cake which means you need to make all the elements, pancakes and filling but it is fun and yummy. This one does not take that long, it just depends on how long you take to make pancakes, which I am quite slow at but those better at it will find this easy.

Once you put it all together you have a cake that is so rich with chocolate you can only eat a small piece, well I could anyway but you will love it. If you have never used Tahini in a dessert before then I can really recommend it, as it will give you dessert a really rich and creamy edge.

I have put cocoa powder in the pancakes just to increase the chocolatiness (which I know is not a word) of this dessert and it really does pack a punch. I served it with a thick coconut cream that was sweetened with agave and also some pistachios which really compliment the tahini. You could serve it with any vegan cream or ice cream though, just go for your favourite, if you are a real glutton for punishment then you could try a chocolate ice cream!

Chocolate and Tahini Pancake Cake

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