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4 Simple Steps To Help You Achieve More In Your Sport

By Mercedes Aspland / October 16, 2015

What gets you going, I mean really going? Something that makes you want to put in more effort, fight harder and give more? We all have those things and this post is about the thing that works best for me. I grew up with an alcoholic father and a lot of disruption in my life but […]


15 Awesome Songs That Are Perfect For Any Yoga Session

By Mercedes Aspland / September 23, 2015

I am going to start by saying that when I teach Yoga for Athletes I rarely use music, but there are times when it can work with the relaxation. However when I do use music I like to use something non-traditional, especially when I introduce it to athletes, this can help to keep it more relevant […]


Top 10 Benefits of Yoga to Footballers

By Mercedes Aspland / September 18, 2015

If you play football at any level then you are sure to have heard of one professional or another using yoga in a variety of different ways. However many misconceptions about yoga still exist, for example, many players might think it is a thing women do or you may just think it is a series […]


My Running Journey and Kinetic Chain Awareness

By Mercedes Aspland / September 16, 2015

I wanted to bring you this post as a bit of an update of where I am with my person fitness. To give you a bit of background, I started running when at the beach in June and have been pretty religious about doing it at least 5 times a week since then. This is […]


Why I Always Use Props For My Yoga Practise & My Top 6 Props

By Mercedes Aspland / September 14, 2015

When I first started practising yoga I did classes in gyms and props were never offered. This meant I got used to practising yoga without props part from when I did the odd class online that was restorative. My attitude to props is that they were to make the poses easier, make  them more restorative […]


How Yoga Can Help You Through a Sporting Injury

By Mercedes Aspland / September 10, 2015

When you are an athlete at any level then suffering from an injury, depending on the severity can be devastating. Personally I am a runner and try to run 6 days per week which usually means I am running through some level of pain. Most of it is not serious and I am constantly looking […]