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5 Steps to Creating Your Own Sadhana

By Mercedes Aspland / June 29, 2016

Let’s start with a bit of explanation of what a Sadhana is. According to Wikipedia it is “an ego-transcending spiritual practice” which is a reasonable definition but really what does that actually mean?I have my own Sadhana and it is something I do everyday and for me it is about a connection with myself. It […]


It’s The Journey, Not The Destination

By Mercedes Aspland / June 15, 2016

Let’s start this off by saying I believe in angels.I know I am going totally off the point when I am supposed to be writing a post about yoga but I wanted to let you know how this post came about today.The phrase “It’s the journey, not the destination” is something I say in virtually […]


Virgin Money London Marathon – 1 Day to Go!

By Mercedes Aspland / April 23, 2016

So I have made it this far and only have 1 day until the big event. I am more scared about this then I think I have been about anything in my life. My head does not seem to believe it is possible to complete all 42km and I feel like major panic is setting […]


Marathon Training Update

By Mercedes Aspland / April 12, 2016

I stopped my daily posts because, put simple, they were boring….. for you and for me!It is not that I did not want to keep you updated but life got in the way and so much has happened to me recently that I just did not know what to tell you and I have definitely […]


Marathon Training 22nd February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 22, 2016

The day after my long run and I can tell you it is not a good feeling.The more training I do the longer my recovery time seems to be and rather than feeling just a little bit tired I am feeling totally exhausted and a bit like I am living in a fog.It is at […]


Marathon Training 21st February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 21, 2016

So today was the long run day and I had a set back before it even began. When I went to bed last night I was so anxious about sleeping that it actually made it hard for me to get to sleep.When I woke up this morning I did not feel that bad but found […]


Marathon Training 20th February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 20, 2016

I stayed in bed a bit longer today as it is another rest day. Considering I still woke up in the night I am not feeling too bad.I suppose that is partly because I spent so much time in bed, plus the time I spent awake was definitely less than it has been as the […]


Marathon Training 19th February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 19, 2016

It is a day off today and I am so tired I can hardly handle it.The tendonitis in my shoulder is causing me so much pain and the worst thing is the pain wakes me up in the night. I then find it impossible to get back t sleep and the sleep I do get […]


Marathon Training 18th February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 18, 2016

Today was a running day today and I did that in the gym, 45 minutes of a mixture of easy and tempo running.I followed that up by a good hour of yoga in the gym before getting myself ready. It felt good to have a day for training but it did leave me feeling absolutely […]


Marathon Training 17th February 2016

By Mercedes Aspland / February 17, 2016

Today is another day of rest and considering I woke up in excruciating pain at about 2:30am I was glad to stay in bed for a bit longer this morning.As yesterday I skipped my yoga too but still went to the gym for a gentle swim. I have to admit that I was a bit […]

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