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My Buddhist Journey

By Mercedes Aspland / September 17, 2013

I thought I would start telling you about my growing relationship with buddhism which is proving of great interest to me and something that I can see going a lot further. As is clear from the name on this blog I practise yoga and have done for sometime and buddhism is something that has always […]


Showing Gratitude

By Mercedes Aspland / August 7, 2013

As you might have gathered from this blog I am quite a Louise Hay fan and the art of showing gratitude is something very simple that can have a huge impact on your life. What sort of person are you? Have you ever taken the time to think about this? Most people go through life […]


What is Your Morning Routine Like?

By Mercedes Aspland / July 24, 2013

Do you get up in the morning, reach for a cup of tea or coffee, maybe a cigarette and other stimulants, rush a quick bite to eat run out the door and get on with your day. If you do then you are probably like most people and very much like I was except I […]


Hip Hip Hooray – There is Joy in Everyday

By Mercedes Aspland / July 22, 2013

If you work at an office, spend a lot of time in your and then sit in front of the telly in the evening there is a good chance your hips are like mine, tight and inflexible. I personally think it is important to release the tension from your body as letting go of physical […]


Connect With Your Inner Child

By Mercedes Aspland / July 20, 2013

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but as part of my self development I have been working through “You Can Heal You Life” by Louise L. Hay. This has meant spending time analysing my thoughts and who I really am. This is not always the easiest or most enjoyable thing to […]


We Are All Spiritual Beings

By Mercedes Aspland / July 18, 2013

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to Dr Wayne Dyer because I only recently cam across his teachings and something really resonated with me. Just to give you a bit of background, since my mum was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy we have been working hard together on a number of self-help techniques and in […]

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