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5 Steps to Staying Heart-Centred and Present on Facebook

By Mercedes Aspland / June 16, 2016

I have just started to un-friend people on Facebook.I know, I know, you are all thinking that this is not very heart-centred and in a way it is not but let me tell you how I got there.Over our lives we collect Facebook friends, some you are really close to and some are people you […]


Guess What? Your Life Purpose Might Change

By Mercedes Aspland / June 12, 2016

Controversial or not the fact your life purpose might change is not only a possibility but almost inevitable.But How Can The Purpose Of Your Life Change?If you are asking yourself this then you I would say the question you should be asking yourself is how can it not change?Over my life I have read a […]


You Are Where You Are Supposed to Be!

By Mercedes Aspland / June 3, 2016

This is something my current spiritual teacher is always telling me and there was a time when I would have heard that and thought it was complete nonsense. Now I get it my life just seems to be falling into place.Throughout my life I have read loads of self help and definitely read the main […]


Finding and Losing Yourself and Knowing the Difference

By Mercedes Aspland / June 16, 2015

The concept of finding myself is something that often goes through my head but not in the way you would normally think. When most people talk about finding themselves they often mean a big life changing experience where they need to make a lot of changes. That is not the kind of finding myself that […]


Practising Karma Yoga

By Mercedes Aspland / April 21, 2014

I hope everyone is having a lovely break for Easter and starting to feel a little renewed. I thought that today would be the perfect time to bring you a post on Karma Yoga and what it means to me. Most of us have heard of karma and can often relate it to the phrase […]


Why Living In The Present Brings Great Happiness

By Mercedes Aspland / February 27, 2014

I heard this quote very recently and it really hit home with me. When I looked it up I realised it had been said by a Chinese philosopher who lived over 2000 years ago which makes it even more profound. When I sat and thought about this quote I realised how vital it was for […]


What Day is it?

By Mercedes Aspland / January 18, 2014

Yesterday I began trying my different types of yoga and I started with Yin Yoga at the North London Buddhist Centre. The class was run by Norman Blair who has over 10 years experience of teaching yoga and although I will do a proper review shortly I wanted to tell you about a thought that […]


Seeking Happiness

By Mercedes Aspland / November 7, 2013

I have been wanting to tell you all about my Buddhist Course for ages but my mind has been so filled with other things that it has been hard to write. So the first thing you might be wondering is why the above image? Well the quote was something I read in a book on […]


Showing Gratitude

By Mercedes Aspland / August 7, 2013

As you might have gathered from this blog I am quite a Louise Hay fan and the art of showing gratitude is something very simple that can have a huge impact on your life. What sort of person are you? Have you ever taken the time to think about this? Most people go through life […]


Hip Hip Hooray – There is Joy in Everyday

By Mercedes Aspland / July 22, 2013

If you work at an office, spend a lot of time in your and then sit in front of the telly in the evening there is a good chance your hips are like mine, tight and inflexible. I personally think it is important to release the tension from your body as letting go of physical […]

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