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Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a Yoga Sports Coach with experiences working with athletes from many disciplines and experience levels. She is keen to spread the word of how valuable yoga is to sport. With additional qualifications in nutrition she also shares a number of recipes and nutritional advice to keep you fuelled while training.


Sally Parkes Yoga Teacher Training

By Mercedes Aspland / January 14, 2014

Last year was so hectic with a lot of life choices being made that it seemed to disappear before I even new it had started. Basically the most important highlights are that I decided to give up the retail business that I run and to train to be a yoga teacher. This could be a […]


Seeking Happiness

By Mercedes Aspland / November 7, 2013

I have been wanting to tell you all about my Buddhist Course for ages but my mind has been so filled with other things that it has been hard to write. So the first thing you might be wondering is why the above image? Well the quote was something I read in a book on […]


Bircher Muesli

By Mercedes Aspland / September 18, 2013

In a post I wrote last month about difficulty controlling blood sugar I mentioned that porridge is an excellent breakfast but that also I have found that Bircher Muesli (or cold porridge as I think of it) is a great one for those of us that suffer from hypoglycaemia. the great thing about this type […]


My Buddhist Journey

By Mercedes Aspland / September 17, 2013

I thought I would start telling you about my growing relationship with buddhism which is proving of great interest to me and something that I can see going a lot further. As is clear from the name on this blog I practise yoga and have done for sometime and buddhism is something that has always […]


Sugar And The Problems It Causes

By Mercedes Aspland / August 22, 2013

So the first thing I can hear you asking is why is sugar such a big problem? If you think it is because it is processed and if you replace it with honey or something natural you will be fine then think again. Yes I agree that refined sugar is not great but the main […]


La Fromagerie – A Little Wonder in Highbury

By Mercedes Aspland / August 15, 2013

I wanted to share this wonderful place with you and I am sure if you have been there you will agree. This really is the most amazing shop and this is backed up by just how busy it is. I got caught out on Christmas Eve when I thought I would just pop by and […]


Showing Gratitude

By Mercedes Aspland / August 7, 2013

As you might have gathered from this blog I am quite a Louise Hay fan and the art of showing gratitude is something very simple that can have a huge impact on your life. What sort of person are you? Have you ever taken the time to think about this? Most people go through life […]


Fennel & Apple Quiche

By Mercedes Aspland / July 31, 2013

On Thursday last week it was my mum’s birthday and this meant that we went out for a meal. As part of that meal I was in the situation where I was going to be eating a fennel tart. This filled me with dread as I have always found fennel unpleasant as I am not […]


How Yoga Changed My Life

By Mercedes Aspland / July 27, 2013

I thought I would share with you the affect that yoga has had on my life and hopefully give you some advice to get the most out of your yoga practise. So the main question has to be why did I start practising yoga in the first place. Well basically in 2007 my alcoholic father […]


Asparagus and Omelette Salad

By Mercedes Aspland / July 26, 2013

This was an experiment that worked out quite well. Basically we just had some bits left over in the fridge and wanted to put a salad together and so had to get inventive. It is a quick and easy salad and one that does not take much effort but is full of flavour. It works […]

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