Marathon Training 4th February 2016


Today is a no running day.

As it turned out it was a no yoga day as well, just because of my working schedule really.

About once a fortnight I teach yoga to a college football team, a large group of 16-18 year old boys that pretty much take all my energy for the day. I love it although I do not think I will every get used to being called ‘Miss’.

I had planned a long night’s sleep last night but as it turned out it was a bit disrupted. I’m sure I have mentioned on my blog before but my mum has epilepsy and often she will let out a cry just before having a seizure.

I am sure I was woken up by one at 2am but I was not sure it was a dream and my heart was racing. I was just about to get out of bed when I heard my mum walking which would not have been the case for at least 20 minutes if it had been a seizure. The only options I have is that I drifted off or that I imagined it.

Neither of these is really a good option and it meant it took me a little while to drift back off to sleep, but at least I did not need to run today.

​Remember to support my efforts to raise money for the Samaritans and donate here or text 'MASP81 £10' to 70070 to donate £10!

Breakfast - Raw Oats

I used up the yogurt that I had in the fridge today and bulked it up with some almond milk.

Lunch - Salad

I made myself a quick salad when I got back from working. I added in some seitan that I fried in tamari, smoked paprika, garlic powder and some cayenne pepper.

Snack - Rice Cake & Peanut Butter

Well I have the rice cakes and if I don’t eat them they will only go stale!

Dinner - Indian Takeaway

My mum is not that bothered about eating healthily in the way I am and will look to eat unhealthy meals on a regular basis. I can normally be quite strong but Indian takeaway is a massive weakness for me.

Tomorrow I have a light run planned in preparation for a slightly longer one on Saturday so I want to make sure I get as much sleep as possible. Sticking to my evening routine of yoga and meditation and then getting to bed at a good time should help with that.

Marathon Countdown​



I am running the London Marathon in memory of my dad, Bryan Aspland, who in 2007 took his own life. This action not only affected me but also had an impact on everyone that cared for him. Suicide is not something that affects only one person and so I am supporting the Samaritans in an attempt to reduce the people that take their own lives and so save other families from going through what mine did. Please help me with this and donate to my campaign.

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