Marathon Training 17th February 2016


Today is another day of rest and considering I woke up in excruciating pain at about 2:30am I was glad to stay in bed for a bit longer this morning.

As yesterday I skipped my yoga too but still went to the gym for a gentle swim. I have to admit that I was a bit concerned that the swim might have bothered my shoulder so I used a float and only swam with my legs.

I am still feeling tired, the disrupted sleep is not helping but I am trying to get my head together so that I can run tomorrow.

The other thing I decided about my training is that I will only do my long run outside. When I am running on Tuesdays and Thursdays they will usually be runs of under 1 hour and I’m going to do those in the gym.

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I think that switching things up like this will help me to stay more focused and will also mean that I will do a proper yoga practice on these days.

I did a little bit of baking after lunch, I still had a couple of banana left and I wanted to make some more banana bread. This time I made it gluten-free, using a combination of coconut flour, quinoa flour and buckwheat flour. I also left out the maple syrup, used some xylitol and added a bit more almond milk. Then the best bit for me is I added some chopped pecans and dates. Very yummy!

Breakfast - Raw Oats

As I was not training today I made sure I did not eat before breakfast and did not eat too much, using coconut milk yogurt for a change today.

Lunch - Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese

After breakfast this morning my mum and I walked up to the local bakery, something we do not do very often, and stocked up on bread and bagels. I could not resist having one for lunch with a small amount of coconut oil, vegan cream cheese and cucumber, topped with sea salt and pepper.

It was lovely but was not quite enough so I had half a vegan sausage with a small amount of hummus.

Snack - Banana Bread

I didn’t mention it above but I made my banana bread into 12 muffins and so I could not resist having one of these warm out of the oven.

Dinner - Pumpkin, Spinach & Walnut Spaghetti

What was left of the huge pumpkin my uncle gave us was sitting in my kitchen begging to be used and whenI saw this recipe on Lazy Cat Kitchen I knew that I had to make it.

It was absolutely delicious and the perfect evening meal, the only thing to say about the recipe is that my pumpkin was such good quality that it roasted on much less time but that was ok, I just kept an eye on it.

The best thing about my cooking endeavours today is that I chopped up the rest of the pumpkin and put it into bags. I know have 5 very large portions in the freezer ready for when I want a pumpkin meal.

Evening Snack - Dark Chocolate

Is an evening complete without this? I know I need to cut down, but after the marathon.

I was lazy again in the evening and did not bother with my yoga and mediation but instead decided to do a bit of reading before bed but with a determination to get back on track tomorrow.

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