Marathon Training 12th February 2016


I had a bit of an epic fail today but I'm happy that I was able to listen to my body.

After another bad night with the pain and discomfort I woke up feeling a bit wrong but was determined to stick to my plans to go on a long run.

I got all ready for my run, went out and ran 1km and then I started to feel awful. I had stomach ache, felt sick and my shoulder was in agony, not to mention the fact I felt exhausted.

My decision - to stop and go home. I did not even have the energy to run home so just walked and stayed within my capabilities for the day.

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I followed this up with a restorative yoga session. I did a full hour and took time doing gentle poses that I held of at least 5 minutes each. It was just what I needed today.

Mentally today is probably my hardest training day. My energy levels are totally depleted due to the lack of sleep. I'm feeling like I will not be able to do it if I do not sort these problems out soon.

I did not do very much today as I was due to teach yoga in the evening and I just needed to rest and make sure I was at least able to do that.

My food diary for today is the following:

Pre-Run Snack - Corn Cakes & Peanut Butter

As I thought I was going to be running 25km today I had one and a half corn cakes when I got up to try and fuel myself.

Breakfast - Raw Oats

I had a small bowl oats with nuts, seeds and almond milk once I got myself up and about after yoga.

Lunch - Salad with Bread & Hummus

I kept lunch quite light today because I knew I would be eating the leftover takeaway a bit early due to working.

Snack - Banana Bread

I need to get this eaten as soon as possible because it was so good!

Dinner - Leftover Indian Takeaway

Not a lot to say about this really.

I went through my usual evening routine and praying that I would get some decent sleep tonight.

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