Marathon Training 31st January 2016


I don’t really want to share today with you but I promised full disclosure so here goes!

I knew I was totally resting today, no running, no yoga (apart from my bedtime routine) and a total eat what I want day so I really did not worry about anything.

Be warned you will see what I’m like when I’m not worrying and I am surprise, surprise just like anybody and like to eat rubbish food, and lots of it.

So I mentioned yesterday that I would not be setting an alarm today but initially woke and 5:26am which is give or take 10 minutes the time that I get up on every other day! I considered getting up but thought it was best to sleep a little bit more, quickly falling back to sleep and eventually getting up at about 6:35am.

I know that this is not sleeping in for most people but to me it felt amazing and that little bit of extra rest was perfect for me.

As I had not training I could fill my morning with reading and meditation and just allowing myself to relax. I had expected my body to ache today but in all honesty it was more of a slight tight feeling in my legs but not a lot else.

The only physical issue that is concerning me now is my right shoulder. I have had a problem with it for about 10 years and have had physiotherapy and scans and nothing has touched it. Now it feels very strongly that there is some issue with the nerve, I am constantly getting weird sensations running down my bicep and into my fingers. I am fairly certain I will need to see a doctor soon but I am still in the bury my head in the sand phase.​

Make sure I stick to my training - keep me motivated but donating to the Samaritans Here or you can text 'MASP81 £20' to 70070 to donate £20, enabling the Samaritans to answer 5 calls, emails or texts.

I have to tell you that I have had a very lazy day and spent most of it on the sofa watching American crime drama, Castle and Perception were my weapons of choice today. I also had a suitably unhealthy diet to go with this day of vedging out!

Breakfast - Blueberry Muffin, Croissant & Coffee

I did warn you. I took a walk to my local coffee shop to get a soya latter, muffin and croissant. For all the militant vegans out there I apologise for eating no vegan baked goods but I had a “I can’t see the animal products, so maybe there aren’t any” moment. I know this is bad but I do tell people I am almost vegan to justify these slips although it only leaves me feeling guilty but what can I say, I am weak.

Lunch - Vegan Roast

I had a late breakfast today and what I call lunch came at 3pm. You will be glad to note that I am back to vegan food. The meal consisted of roast potatoes, mashed carrot and swede, cabbage, peas, vegan turkey roast and or course gravy. My mum makes this mean virtually every week and I always eat too much but it does at least mean that I don’t need to eat another meal in the evening.

Snacks - Oat Cakes with Nut Butter and Chocolate

I did not eat this all at the same time and spread my snacks out over the whole afternoon. They consisted of 2 fruit and seed oatcakes with peanut butter, half a dark chocolate bounty and some Montezuma dark chocolate.

I did still keep my evening ritual the same with a small amount of restorative yoga and a meditation before bed. despite this my mind was still racing and so it took a little longer than usual to get to sleep.


As part of my marathon efforts I am raising money for the Samaritans with the aim of ending suicide. Help us by donating to this worthwhile cause and helping more people than you realise.

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