Peanut Butter & Jam Overnight Oats


This is the last of my three recipes using the wonderful Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats which I am sure will become a regular in my house as they are such great quality. This is probably the easiest breakfast recipe that I have done and the perfect way to get your oats as the weather warms up. If you are like me, when the sun is shining it is really hard to start cooking breakfast but with this recipe there is no cooking and you just eat your porridge cold.

Before I get on to this quick and easy recipe I thought I would update you on my 30 Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge which I have now done 10 days of. To be honest with you I am really ashamed of myself that I have not tried it before and am absolutely loving it as well as developing a new love for bananas! There will be a full post out at the beginning of May giving you a day by day of everything that I am working through as I go. There are some really great looking smoothie bowls and you can see them all and keep up to date on my Instagram account.

Now for this wonderful recipe there are just a few ingredients that you will need, obviously oats, peanut butter and jam and then all you need is milk and yoghurt of your choice plus some flavouring if you want. The best thing about this is you can make this the night before and have it ready for you in the morning when you get up.

When I made this all I did was whip up the peanut butter and yoghurt and then mixed in the oats, milk and flavourings, then left this in a bowl overnight. In the morning I layered it up and made it look pretty. It is worth mentioning that I used a shop bought jam (jelly) as I can get a great organic one in my local shop but if you want to put in a bit more effort you can make your own.

The other thing I should say is that when I posted this recipe to Instagram a friend of mine asked if they could load it all into the jar the night before eating and on thinking about it this is a great way to do it, the jam might get lost a little bit in it but it will still taste amazing and will be perfect for someone that just needs to grab and go!

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