Chocolate Cheesecake


I have been meaning to bring this post to you for several weeks but things have just been so manic I have kept delaying until now but I can promise you it is a good one. I have a number of breakfast recipes that I will be bringing to you soon, in partnership with Flahavan’s Irish Porridge Oats. I have got some really great ones planned but have had a small delay this week.

I was all set up to make my recipes on Friday and get the Instagram pictures out there and then but I had a problem with timing on Friday as I unexpectedly had to go out but I thought I had plenty of time at the weekend. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up on Saturday morning with a stinking cold, might I just add, the first one I have had in 2 and a half years, yes really that long.

It is such an odd sensation and I had completely forgotten how bad a cold can be, on Saturday, just standing up took all of my strength, never mind actually doing something but although I still feel rubbish I am at last beginning to be able to function. One thing to note is this is the first cold that I have had since I gave up smoking and it is bringing back a lot of memories, for instance my chest is feeling slightly tight like it did every day when I used to smoke. One plus point is the cough I have with my cold is hardly noticeable compared to the horrible hacking cough I used to get.

So now you are all updated with the shock appearance of a cold in my life I suppose I should get on with sharing the recipe with you. I said that I have had it ready for ages, but I actually made this for Christmas! I know that it is tradition to have a Christmas pudding but I would rather have a dessert that I love and this certainly fits the bill. It lasted for about a week and was almost impossible to resist having a taste every time I opened the fridge!

The base of this cheesecake is make using oat biscuits and you are best to get regular plain ones but I made an error in the shop and bought ginger flavoured ones, as I did not have time to change them I gave it a go. It really was quite nice so you could give them a try and see how it works for you or go for basic rough oatcakes for a slightly healthier variety. It is also worth mentioning that I used soya cream cheese but you could equally use a nut cream cheese if you have a soy allergy or are just avoiding it.

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