Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Blondies


My brain is full at the moment of yoga and sport and all the things that go with that but I wanted to take some time out to bring you my pumpkin recipe. There have been so many around and I made these a while a go it has just taken me some time to get everything together for the post. I have tried to keep the relatively healthy and so they are gluten free and contain only low GL sugars meaning that they will not spike your blood sugar too quickly.

I have put together a blend of flours to use for these blondies with the main one being buckwheat. I absolutely love buckwheat flour, despite its name it is completely gluten free and just has such a lovely flavour, not to mention the fact that it is better for your blood sugar. Then to make it a really yummy flour blend I have put in some ground almonds and some coconut flour. Both are full of flavour, and just generally great for you. If you have not tried baking with them I can definitely recommend them. I have used ground almonds as the only flour before and it gives a really rich moist cake but I would only use coconut flour with something else as it is really dense.

The only other thing to mention in regards these blondies is the chocolate that I used. Over the last couple of years I have become quite a snob about chocolate and it really does have to be good quality chocolate. My absolute favourite is Divine 70% Dark Chocolate, it has such a lovely flavour and a low sugar content which is always a plus. I was given advice once that if you are buying dark chocolate look at the ingredients and if sugar is number one then put it back and go for something where cocoa mass is the first ingredient. These blondies were one of the favourite things I have made and I had great difficulty not scoffing them all. The recipe is below and I hope you make them and enjoy them!

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Some of the highlights of this recipe are:

  • Approximate GI of 23
  • Estimated GL of 6
  • Very low in cholesterol
  • Very high in vitamin A
  • High in vitamin B6

About the author 

Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a Yoga Sports Coach with experiences working with athletes from many disciplines and experience levels. She is keen to spread the word of how valuable yoga is to sport. With additional qualifications in nutrition she also shares a number of recipes and nutritional advice to keep you fuelled while training.

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