Weekly Roundup 22nd August 2014


My top six this week are pictured above and detailed below starting at the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • I am starting off with Crispy Sesame Chickpea Cakes from Maple & Spice. Let’s fact it who can argue that the combination of sesame and chickpeas works and these little cakes look amazing and the perfect way to bring a bit of protein into your meal, these are definitely my kind of thing.
  • By now you probably know that Vegan Miam is one of my favourite blogs and I nearly always feature the recipes from it. Well Rika has been on her travels recently and this dropped into my mailbox this week and with my recent love of making dips I just fell for this Creamy Basil & White Bean Hummus, I mean look at it, don’t you want to just eat it right now!
  • This Carrot, Tomato & Coconut Soup is from Green Kitchen Stories which is actually a blog I started reading a long time ago but never subscribed to the emails, then with all the other emails I was getting I never got round to visiting it. Well I have now signed up for the newsletter so I never miss anything and this recipe, like all of their’s looks amazing and I need to say a congratulations to Luise and David for the arrival of Isac who is beautiful and I can’t wait for their new cookbook to arrive, this is a great blog and one I can really recommend.
  • The next recipe is Wild Blueberry Crisp from Produce on Parade and as wild blueberries are not that easy to get in the UK I have never tried them before but I think I can get them in a jar so I will have to do that and give this recipe a try, it is stunning.
  • If simplicity is what you are after then this Coconut Lime Smoothie from The Veg Life is a big winner. With just 3 ingredients it can be whipped up in no time and is sure to be refreshing and tasty. (I would say that if you can’t get the frozen dessert try mixing some full fat coconut milk with some vanilla bean paste and agave and freezing.)
  • The final recipe is Mississippi Mud Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt from Keepin’ it Kind. I love chocolate and I love coconut milk yoghurt and this combination is sure to put a few pounds on me as I don’t think I would be able to stop eating this once I started.
There is also loads I want to tell you about in terms of other posts and really exciting things that are happening to me.
  • I wanted to start with the fact that I have now launched my website for my yoga business and you can check it our at www.kridayoga.co.uk. This is a really exciting time for me and I am finally getting started as a yoga teacher. I would love to know your thoughts on my website and also I will update you on Facebook and twitter for this business soon.
  • If you are like me and try and watch your intake of sugar then this post on Hidden Sugars from Nutrition Stripped is really useful, bookmark it and learn it, you won’t regret it!
  • Another bit of news on the yoga front is I now have my first permanent class booked and I will be at My Fitness Boutique on Saturdays at 9:15 from 6th September. I am really excited and have already started planning my classes. I also have a couple of cover classes, on 3rd September and 4th September at Fitness First in Highbury.
  • I think I need to mention that on Tuesday B.K.S. Iyengar died at the age of 95 and there is a lovely post about him on Mind Body Green.
  • Another bit of yoga news, I know you are probably really bored by now but I have been decorating a room in my house that is the perfect place to hold one-to-one sessions and as it is almost there I can now start taking bookings so if you or anyone you know is interested get in touch.
  • I found a post about The UK’s Vegetarian Capital on The Veggie Traveller Blog really interesting, it is obviously not surprising that London came out on top with it being so big and so many different types of people living here. What was more interesting was that Yorkshire came second and that cambridgeshire did so badly. Worth a read if you are travelling around the UK.
  • My final bit of business is just to let you know that I am on a Yoga Sport Science course next week and will be out of the house for at least 12 hours a day so although I have intensions to still post it is more likely that my next post will not be until next week.

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