Frank Snack Bars – A Review


I recently got sent a selection of the new Frank snack bars to try and if I liked them to let you know just what I thought. Well guess what, I loved them so was really happy to write this post. There are 5 different flavours of these snack bars that you can get and they are all completely natural, which can’t be bad!

These bars are also gluten-free and vegan which is another plus and are sweetened naturally with dried fruit and fruit juices. There are some positives to this, probably my only negative to that is that it is likely the GL of these bars will be quite high so they should be consumed in moderation. For example I would probably only eat half a bar at a time which reduced the impact of the sugar and they are so tasty.

The flavours they come in are:

1. Double Chocolate – who doesn’t love chocolate and this bars is great as the chocolate it uses is made using coconut milk. Plus there are gluten free oats in it and pea protein to help balance the sugar from the fruit.

2. Orange & Chocolate – I love this combination, orange just seems to go so well with chocolate and I tried to only eat half of this bar but just found myself devouring it. Again the chocolate in this bar is actually milk chocolate made using coconut milk.

3. Blueberry & Chocolate – Another winning combination from Frank, this bar could easily become addictive and with all the benefits of the other bars it is hard to find a reason to not eat it.

4. Strawberry & Chocolate – As you can tell the people at Frank just love chocolate but so do I so it cannot be bad. This is probably my least favourite but that is largely due to the fact I cannot stand strawberry flavour in anything I think it tastes artificial but I have to say this was better than most.

5. Oat & Chocolate – Yes you guessed it there is chocolate in this one as well, it is good for you and with the extra oats in this one you will get an extra helping of fullness!

So my overall opinion on Frank bars is they are yummy, healthy and just all round great plus if you buy them online they are a better priced than most bars like this, you just need to buy them by the case. If it was me I would go for it. You can buy your Frank Bars Here

About the author, Mercedes Aspland

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