Weekly Roundup 11th July 2014


With the week I have had and the sheer number of recipes that I had to go through I did not think I was going to get this post out today but here we are. I have tried to give you a good range of recipes and really hope you like the offerings this week as there were quite a few that were nearly in the top 6. I have detailed them below starting from the top left hand corner and working clockwise:

  • No bake “Nutella” Zucchini Cream Pie Bars from The Vegan 8. If you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest you will probably already be aware that I love this website and this recipe just had to make my roundup this week. Like so many of the recipes on The Vegan 8 this is simple to follow and really tasty.
  • I absolutely love zucchini (Courgette in the UK) pasta and so recipes that use it are already high on my list of must make but Anya’s Zucchini Spaghetti with Pumpkin Seed Pesto and Peaches from The First Mess is definitely one of my favourites
  • I think you might have already guessed that I love reading 40 Aprons (as it now is), Cheryl has such a natural way of writing and produces some really great recipes and these Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popsicles are no exception.
  • I am having friends over this weekend and I think I will have to make these Pina Colada Crumb Bars from Vegan in the Freezer and they look so simple and tasty, I am sure they will go down a treat.
  • This recipe for Herbed Cashew Cheese and Spicy Tomato Jam from Blissful Basil was the easiest one for me to include this week. I still miss cheese and am always looking for good quality recipes that will make a good replacement and this just looks perfect, I can’t wait to try it.
  • My last offering this week is for Peaches & Cream No Bake Oatmeal from Wonky Wonderful which is a really easy breakfast and perfect as the weather starts to warm and who doesn’t love peaches!
To tell you about me this week is quite simple as I have been decorating, my house looks like a bomb site and I am starting to panic about having a spare bed available for the weekend as our builder has total made a mess of what they were going to do, so now I don’t even know if there will be a door on my bedroom so that is starting to stress me out a bit but it will be fine. As I am up against it this week it is quite a small post but hopefully I will have some more time in the week and I can fill you in on some other things that are happening in my world!

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