Cherry Clafoutis (#Vegan, #Glutenfree, #LowGL)


For those of you that read my blog on a regular basis will know that I have a cherry tree in my garden and last year we got so many cherries I did not know what to do with them all and so ended up making a lot of jam. So I was really looking forward to the cherries this year but the weather has caused me all sorts of problems so this is it for the cherries I am afraid.

So the weather this year in London has been warm, and when I say warm I mean for London so not special temperatures but just not cold and we have had so much rain there was one point I thought it would never stop. Well it hasn’t actually, it is raining as we speak. The result of this is that the cherries came really early, about a month earlier than this year and it was still raining. This made climbing the tree, which I have to do to get the cherries almost impossible.

I left it a couple of days for the rain to die down a little bit to make it easier to get in the tree. When I did it was very disappointing as they were all either half eaten or just past their best. So all I got was about 500g on my first picking day on the low hanging branches and this is what I made with them.

Just a quick bit on other news, I am going away on my yoga teacher training course on Friday morning and will be away for 2 weeks. Where I am going does have WiFi but I am going to have virtually no time at all and so I might not be able to post. I will do a special post tomorrow about it all but this is just a quick heads up.

This recipe is one I have wanted to try for a while and the first thing to say is that Clafoutis is just a posh word for what could quite easily be described as a baked pancake. If you are making it for someone then calling it a clafoutis makes it sound special and like something people do not have that often!

I normal clafoutis is made with  white flour, milk, eggs, and sugar which are basically all things that I never eat which effectively makes this dessert a complete no-no. There are quite a few substitutions in this recipe, the eggs and milk are easy, as I just used vegan versions of them and for the flour I thought that as I was doing it differently I would go for buckwheat flour, just because it is yummy. Then there is the sugar which when I say I never eat it I think it is fair to say almost never. In this recipe I have used xylitol which helps to reduce the effect it will have on your blood sugar.

The result of all the substitutions in this dessert is that you have something that is vegan, gluten free and actually low GL. I have to be fair split it into 6 portions when this could easily be 4 but as with everything moderation is the best course of action and if you have this will either some oat cream or some sweetened coconut cream it will be a fantastic dessert.

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