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I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying the long weekend, which we have been having so many of recently the thought of proper working weeks is a bit daunting. The best thing about long weekends is I can spend more time in the kitchen and it gives me a chance to spend time on this blog without feeling like I should really be doing something else.

Recently I have been trying to bring you mostly healthy and low GL recipes which does not really leave space for many dessert and sweet recipes as these are usually high in sugar. I deal with that by using sweeteners like xylitol or agave nectar both of which score low on the Glycemic Index. Having said that I also need to consider the other ingredients too, for example wheat is relatively high on the GL scale but spelt is thought to be much lower, particularly whole grain spelt and so is an excellent alternative to wheat.

If you have never used spelt before then I can highly recommend it. Spelt is an ancient grain that is actually an old form of wheat so does contain gluten. It is thought that the major problem people who are wheat intolerant have is caused by the processing of wheat and the way the grain has been altered for mass production. Many people with a wheat intolerance will find they can digest spelt and their problems are eliminated by switching to spelt. This is not the case for everyone and particularly those who have sever intolerances and those who have celiac disease should avoid spelt completely.

If you are one of the luck people that is able to digest spelt then if you have not tried it please do, it is one of my favourite grains and adds a unique flavour to your baked goods. There are also a lot of health benefits to spelt flour as well, for example it is an excellent source of manganese as well as being a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron and copper. Plus don’t forget the fact that it is much better for you blood sugar than regular flour and this slow digestion time will be so much better for your stomach.

In terms of glycemic index these little shortbread biscuits fair amazingly well with a GL of only 40 and an estimated GL of only 2 making it a great option for a snack or perfect if you want to have a little treat after you meal. Like anything you should consume them in moderation but a little bit of what you like can do you real good.

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