Rhubarb & Hazelnut Granola (Vegan, Low GL)


I have realised recently that I suffer from a little bit on the Monday morning blues, although I am not sure if that is real or just the fact the football results have been so bad that it takes the shine off everything. I know that on Mondays’ well at least today, I seem to find it harder to write my posts and to give honest opinions about my life and how I feel.

I might not have masses to say because my weekend was very quiet and I spent most of it in the kitchen, baking, producing recipes and taking photographs. It is not a bad way to spend a weekend but it does not give you a lot to really say.

This granola recipe was produced on Sunday morning which is the perfect time for baking and having a fresh homemade breakfast is really appreciated. I have kept the Glycemic Load of this breakfast low by sweetening it with Xylitol and not adding any sugar at all.

Rhubarb is an excellent vegetable as it is very low GL but does need sweetening as it is quite sharp. Added to oats, nuts and seeds it will help fill you up and also keep your blood sugar balanced. In fact rhubarb is from the same family of vegetables as kale and spinach and has a lot of the same benefits and is a good source of vitamin K and B as well as a lot of minerals making it an all round winner.

I kept the spicing in this recipe simple just adding a small amount of cinnamon but as rhubarb is a sharp vegetable you could add warming spices like cloves or nutmeg if you want. Also if you prefer a sweeter granola you could up the xylitol or maybe add some agave or you could add some dried berries once it is cooked but be aware this will significantly increase the GL.

Rhubarb & Hazelnut Granola

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