Chilli & Lime Edamame Bean Dip


Like most people, well normal people, I love hummus but there is only so much you can eat of it before you start thinking of a change. It is good to have a change because when I go back to it I nearly always think how good it is and it is like a forgotten secret that comes back and smacks you in the face. So I guess the question is what can I eat in the meantime while I am having a hummus break?

Now I think edamame beans are really tasty and they lend themselves to strong flavours like chilli and lime. I have used a lot of the principals of making hummus to make this dip but doing things like replacing lemon juice in hummus with lime juice.

I know it is pancake day today but I have exhausted my pancake making and just did not want to make any more. I will probably force myself to have one tonight because, well it is tradition, but on pancake day in my house it is usually simple pancakes with lemon and sugar, who doesn’t like that? To make the perfect pancake just be patient, keep them as thin as possible and accept the fact that the first couple will probably need to be thrown away which seems to be pancake law! Enjoy the day and try not to eat too many pancakes.

Chilli & Lime Edamame Bean Dip

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