Protein Power Cookies


It doesn’t happen to me often but yesterday I just got the urge to bake something but I didn’t want to make it too unhealthy and so I came up with these really great cookies made using chickpeas, tahini and pea protein. I wanted a little bit extra and so I put some chopped up chocolate in there too.

The best thing about these cookies is they are reasonably healthy, full of protein and I used a low GI sweetener to keep them Low GI and perfect for energy boosting. Plus the chocolate I used was 85% dark so was very strong and full of antioxidants. I took them to my yoga class and shared them round after so everyone could get that extra energy once the class was over. This was a great way to stop myself from eating them all!

If you are looking for a tasty treat that will keep you really satisfied and filled up between meals then these protein power cookies are the perfect choice.

Protein Power Cookies

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