Cherry & Almond Pancake Cake


February 23, 2014 in Sweet

I know I do not normally post on a Sunday but yesterday Arsenal were playing and it took all of my attention so I am doing yesterday’s post today. I have to say that Arsenal are becoming too much of a worry for me at the moment, I seem to be having a really bad nights sleep before a game and the stress is getting to me. I am sorry to say that I am actually looking forward to the end of the season.

I have also been having a think today about where this blog is going. When I started it I never intended for it to be only a food blog and to have a decent amount of other things on it but I seem to have got obsesses with creating recipes. I still feel the same way though and am going to try and bring some more yoga and other health bits along for the ride. I might also bring some more of my knitting bits on to the blog which I have not done so far.

Ok, so on to the recipe for today. Basically it is only just over 2 weeks until shrove Tuesday or as it is commonly know, pancake day and this has led me to get working on pancake recipes. I have seen a few pancake cake recipes around and wanted to try making one. I then remembered that I had a lot of Cherry jam left over from My Cherry Fun in the summer where our cherry tree just produced an unbelievable number of cherries. Plus I already know that almonds go amazingly well with cherries and making almond cream would be something new to try and so we ended up with this recipe.

When making this I was really apprehensive and a little bit nervous, making pancakes without eggs was the first challenge, then it was getting it all together and was it going to taste ok. I don’t know what I was worried about, this is one of the nicest desserts I have made and stopping myself from eating it for breakfast has been a real challenge. It is sweet and sticky and gooey and just everything you want a dessert to be. It does take a bit of time to make this cake but it is worth it and would be the perfect centre piece for your evening meal on pancake day.

Just a quick word on pancakes, in the UK we use the word pancake for crepe but also for much thicker American style pancakes. In this recipe I have made very thin crepes which helps to keep it quite light.

Cherry & Almond Pancake Cake

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