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This is actually an old post but one that I came across for the first time this week and it actually made me excited to try vegan cheese. The post is “Vegan Grilled Cheese with Spicy Tomato Soup” by Olives for Dinner. It look so yummy it is definitely on my to do list!

Other great blog posts from this week are:

  • Lemon Cashew Mousse by Chard in Charge – This is such a lovely written post and one that grabbed me straight away, it also encouraged me to go for it and get a dSLR camera and the recipe is a definite winner.
  • Go To Meal: Savoury Oats by Pickles & Honey – I have never tried savoury oats before and never really thought about it as an option, this has given me something new to try.
  • Chocolate Rum Crackers with Chocolate Sauce Topping by Divine Healthy Food – just look at the picture and you will see why

  • Nutrition Stripped brought is the Nourish Bowl which is a lovely and unique way of putting a salad together and a great way to get all of your food stuffs:
  • Nopales (cactus): The New Portobello Cap by The Laidback Vegan – being for the UK cactus is not something I have come across before but I read this post and it sounded like the most amazing thing ever and I quickly rushed online to see it we can get them here and the good news is the answer is yes, albeit in a jar, but this is a new ingredient to add to the list.
  • Breakfast Polenta Pear Tart by Connoisseurus Veg – I never thought of using polenta as a base for a tart but I guess there is so much for me to learn.
  • Raw Lime in the Coconut Ice Cream by Fragrant Vanilla Cake – all of the offerings from this site are vegan and raw and all look amazing but this was definitely my favourite recipe from this site this week.
  • In other highlights, I bought my first dSLR this week and began taking pictures with it, and it is making me think of lots of recipes to make so that I can tell you all about them with amazing pictures. I have been practising on a breakfast set up, playing with different settings, what do you think?
  • I have been reading the Hatha Yoga Pradipika which has been giving me lots of inspiration and so I have stated to include pranayama (or breathing to most of us) into my morning routine.

It has been such a productive week I am looking forward to seeing what the next one will bring.

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