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I thought I would take a bit of time to tell you about where my desire to eat healthy food came from. Firstly it is worth noting that when I was about 19 I used to diet excessively, doing things like not eating all day until dinner and doing 2 hours exercise a day, I kept myself going on cigarettes and coffee. I often found by the end of the day I was completely exhausted plus I would get these internal shakes and sometimes I could not stop myself eating and remember one time eating 6 penguins in one go because I just could not resist. After a while I visited the doctor and he told me that I was suffering from hypoglycaemia and that if it corrected when I ate then just to eat when I felt the symptoms.

Being a teenager I just thought, oh well fair enough, when the doctor told me that as I had no idea how to make my diet more healthy and stay the weight I wanted to be. For years I new there had to be a better way but never really knew where to look. About 3 years ago I came across the Low GL diet created by Patrick Holford I showed a slight interest but was not mentally in a position to implement it.

Around about 15 months ago I started reading his book again and at about the same time my mum was diagnosed with epilepsy and so diet became even more important. Since then I have completely changed my diet, my relationship with food and the way I eat. When I first looked at it I was a bit scared as I saw all these massive changes I needed to make to my diet but once I thought about it I realised that it was only small changes I needed to make.

Some of the very simple changes I have made that make a massive difference to my health are:

1. making sure I eat a healthy breakfast, usually overnight oats or porridge.

2. Change my dairy milk for coconut milk drink (I hardly even noticed it changed).

3. Cutting my potions of pasta from around 150g-200g down to 75g and serving them with a more substantial sauce and a salad.

4. Changing my deep fried chip for celeriac or butternut squash wedges, oven baked.

5. Changing my white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal bread and pasta and brown rice.

The above 5 and just a few simple steps that anyone can take to get them started on their way to improved health. I also used one of Patrick Holford’s books to help me give up smoking in April last year, but I will save that for another day!

About the author, Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a transformation coach, helping people to transform their businesses, health, money mindset and more. With over 30 years experience in personal development and almost 20 in business she is uniquely positioned to support others in making the changes they need to live the life of their dreams.

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