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I have found over the last few weeks that I have become obsessed with reading food blogs, mainly vegan and vegetarian ones and love getting their emails. The only problem is that I am now getting so many that it is difficult to keep up with them!

One of the things I love about all the blogs that I read is you will see various takes on the same recipe all with their own unique twist, like gluten-free, sugar-free etc, and that is certainly one way to get inspired and develop your own ideas about things. I would say that one of the most popular recipes is muffins and in particular blueberry muffins. Probably one of my favourite ones was “Blueberry Struesel Muffins Courtesy of Fettle Vegan and fun and well written blog, see what I mean:

Now if that does not inspire you to make blueberry muffins then nothing will!
The other reason I love reading all these blogs in the insight into people’s lives that you get. It not only allows you to read the stories of people who share similar life thoughts to you and also people that have experienced similar things, after all this is why we write. Plus don’t forget the useful tips you can get from writers. One of the best posts I have read was Paris: Gentle Gourmet Cafeby Vegan Miam.
Now this blog is technically food and travel and this post includes both and is a review of a vegan restaurant in Paris. Being based in London which is just a couple of hours from Paris it made me want to jump on a train and go there straight away but that seems like a long way to go just for a decent vegan meal. It has however inspired me to look for vegan restaurants in London and just see what is out there.
As I am now reading so many food blogs I will eventually bring you a little run down of some of my favourites, and hopefully inspire you to read a few more.

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Mercedes Aspland

Mercedes is a Yoga Sports Coach with experiences working with athletes from many disciplines and experience levels. She is keen to spread the word of how valuable yoga is to sport. With additional qualifications in nutrition she also shares a number of recipes and nutritional advice to keep you fuelled while training.

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