La Fromagerie – A Little Wonder in Highbury


I wanted to share this wonderful place with you and I am sure if you have been there you will agree. This really is the most amazing shop and this is backed up by just how busy it is. I got caught out on Christmas Eve when I thought I would just pop by and pick something up to be greeted by a line of people going out the door.

So what is so special about this place? Basically it is the choice and quality of their cheese, as the name might suggest. As well as that their staff are friendly and helpful, you can taste test all the cheeses before buying. When visiting, tell the assistant the type of cheese that you like and you are sure to get a few delicious ones to try and pick from.

It is worth pointing out that the products in this shop can be quite costly, although worth every penny in my opinion. So if you are on a budget just get a small amount of go for a special occasion and treat yourself, you will not be disappointed.

As well as amazing cheese they also sell a wide array of different products that are there to tempt you, or why not pop in for a cup of coffee and a cake. There selection of breads will have you really tempted from their honey wholemeal to their walnut bread and their famous Poilâne a sour dough bread that is hard to resist.

If you want to know more about this wonderful place you can visit La Fromagerie here.

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