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I have just returned from this wonderful yoga holiday which was arranged by Peter Martin of PMYoga that was based at Centro Punto de Luz which is a beautiful purpose built yoga facility in the mountains north of Malaga. Above is a picture of the view that we had from our rooms in this wonderful isolated retreat.

Being away for this week was a great time for me to reflect on who I was and also what I wanted from my life. Although this was an amazing, peaceful place to be I found it brought up a lot of emotions I had been holding on to and probably was not aware of and it was probably that which prompted me to start this blog. We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday 1st June and by the Monday morning I began to feel anxious and so sad that I just could not stop crying. All I really wanted to do was to run back home and get away from the reality of being in a place where I had not choice but to confront myself, warts and all. However I stuck with it, cam through the end and feel much better for it. While I was away I had a wonderful massage from Betty as well as energy healing from Richard and I believe that this has made a massive change to who I am and how I approach life. I cannot thank them more for creating a place where I was able to begin this transformation of my life.

I thought you might also want to know a little bit more about what happened on the holiday and other more practical bits. The week I went on was arranged by Peter Martin, a teacher who takes classes at my local gym and so I knew his style. Check out his PMYoga Facebook page for more info about him. His classes are Vinyassa Flow and work a lot on strength, his favourite thing is definitely the never ending quest for a hand stand. Go Pete!

Classes began on the Sunday with an hours restorative practise at 8.30am on the beautiful yoga platform that was purpose built at this facility. This was an amazing way to start the day, however be aware if you suffer from vertigo, being upside down on this platform can be a little disconcerting. Check out our relaxing Savasana on the platform:

This practise was followed by breakfast as soon as we were done which consisted of home made bread, sprouted muesli, tomatoes and goats cheese along with something cooked which varied from day to day and included tortila, scrambled eggs, courgette and feta muffins and stuffed avocado. We then had the day pretty much to ourselves so lots of time to think, sunbathe, read books and generally rest. We then would get a raw lunch at 2pm, this was largely because Richard who does all the cooking is a trained Raw Food Chef and there was some really great things on offer!

Our second yoga practise of the day began at 5.30pm and this time took place on the covered patio area which was fantastic as we were out of the sun, could have some great music and there was a relaxing fountain in the middle. This was generally an advanced flow class that really got the blood pumping and with an extended meditation at the end when the class finished at 7pm you had definitely built up an apetite for dinner which was at 7.30pm.

All of our dinners were wonderful vegetarian meals with desserts that were to die for. It is worth pointing out at this stage that Richard is more than willing to cater for all your dietary requirements so if you are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free or anything else he will make sure there is always something for you. Also just so you know on Wednesday we had a day of rest with no yoga and apart from breakfast we do not get any food either. However Betty’s mum is Italian and will come in a cater for you for a small cost – you do at least 5 people for this. If you like fantastic home cooked Italian food then I can highly recommend it, although be prepared to over eat!

All in all I would say this is an amazing place to go and there is always something on there so why not check out their available weeks. Also if you are local you should come and try Pete’s class, be warned though he is not for the faint hearted and some yoga experience is recommended before you attend his calss.

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